The life as it is….


so i ve been out from here a bit disconnected, sorry its because i have been working and taking care of my son, and we all know that can be just a bit hard, but besides this i have been doing really well, i really have gotten the grasp of what my job is about, (not to mention i have the best boss) yes i said it i love my job and my boss is super cool, awesome per say, the only thing i absolutely hate about my job is driving here, its not that there traffic its just the people and how they drive, people texting, eating, plucking their eyebrows, painting their nails, heck even falling asleep, hahaha it looks funny but if they realized how dangerous their behavior is they…… would still not care ha! anyways enough nagging i feel like an old bitter woman, people be safe do what you want to do but don’t put the rest of us in danger, enough said…. okaii well i will try to blog more but for today this is it …


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